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When It All Began…

Salinas Food was established in 1996 and has been exporting fish, seafood and frozen products for more than 20 years to several countries in the world.

We were born as Salinas Seafood, commercializing only frozen fish, but, due to the request of some customers, we thought it would be better to become Salinas Food, and then expand our product catalog.

Our main activity is seafood trade, but we are diversifying into other sectors, such as: fishmeal, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fruit, citrus, etc.

We work to meet the high demand of our customers, providing them with the best quality and market prices.

Our greatest commitment is: to offer quality products and have a long-term relationship with all our valuable customers, as well as generate new business and to be the client eyes guarding their interests.

Thanks for trusting in our service!

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